Install Webmin Centos 6.8

Last Updated on 24 August, 2019 by Grim Reaper


This is a tutorial how to install webmin in centos 6.8. I try to install the webmin in DigitalOcean droplet. Its easy. Just follow my tutorial.


  1. VPS Server
  2. Centos Operating System
  3. Basic knowledge about centos command
  4. A cup of tea

Lets begin the installation.

Step 1 –

Connect your vps with putty.

Step 2 – 

Download the webmin by enter this command


Step 3 –

Install optional dependencies with

yum -y install perl perl-Net-SSLeay openssl perl-IO-Tty

Step 4 –

Run the command

rpm -U webmin-1.831-1.noarch.rpm

Step 5 – 

You are finish installing the webmin.

Step 6 –

Go to your vps ip and test it. Dont forget to change into https and port 10000

For example mine is :

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